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January 21
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Rwby OC: Takara Heavana by Srbyssketching Rwby OC: Takara Heavana by Srbyssketching
This is just her general design I will post her weapon but I need a new stylus cuz it broke XD

I also need to do her profile information so I will get on to that now. 

Sadly I did use a base but I just needed a model that would show the back and front.

Takara is mine

Rwby is not.


Name: Takara Heavana

Gender: female

Age: 16

Height: 5ft7

Complexion: pale -like snow white pale-, Caucasian, Asian (Japanese) 

Body type/build: lean, agile, thin, and toned.

Handedness: Ambidextrous, but tends to use her right more so.

Colour: Turquoise

Clothing: *seen as above* Black high necked jacket with a singular turquoise gemstone, white shirt, grey mini combat skirt with weapon belt and sheath, leg wrap -meant as a strap to hold her dagger but has a black leg strap now-, black and turquoise boots, small black half glove -meant to give her more of a solid grip on her sword-, pale blue veil with a silver chain around her head to keep it on.

Accessories: She has a singular nose piercing and its on her left nostril. as well as her large pendent attached to her jacket which is a Turquoise gemstone, and her pale blue veil.

Hair: long white ponytail, long turquoise bangs

Eyes: *ATTENTION* she is blind partially, she normally wears a small light blue veil that covers her eyes because she doesn't like people knowing that she is blind and treating her differently. *ATTENTION*

- her eyes themselves are a light and misty sky blue, and you can no longer see her pupils. She can still see slightly but everything is the colour of her eyes, that same misty blue and she can see outlines but thats it.

Weapon: crystal dagger, and swords, that connect on the ends to make a double ended sword. X3 *picture soon to be uploaded*

Previous school: Signal Academy and herself

Current school: Beacon Academy and herself

Occupation: Student

Team: MTAR (Myles, Takara, Amoko, and Rain (possibly)

Relatives: *deceased* her parents were killed by monsters.

Personality: shes very closed off and independent, she doesn't like getting close to people or being around people in general. shes very shy and will never look you in the eyes *blindness*, she is kind of cold but shes a genuinely sweet girl and once she lets you in she can be really nice and fun. Takara is stubborn as hell, but she strives to obtain more knowledge, shes very strong willed and sucks at communication. but shes insanely observant considering shes blind and all. she was traumatized from her parents death from a young age and she gets a lot of anxiety attacks and nervous break downs. She pretends to be strong and have no weaknesses when in theory she is scared and lonely. She needs somebody she can trust, and it can be close to impossible for her to let you in and talk to you. she tends to stay away from everybody and works insanely hard on her skills and school work. she strives to be the best and avenge her parents deaths, anybody who stands in her way, will be dealt with.

Detailed info:



- *picture above* her high neck jacket, shirt, skirt, glove and boots

(school uniform)

- Female Beacon uniform, veil, and pendant.

(sleep wear)

- Black pj pants, and a turquoise, grey, white, and black striped tank top, fluffy pink bunny socks, and her hair in a messy bun

Hair: (pointless info)

- Length of hair in ponytail: 1.5 meters
- reaches below the ends of her fingers

Major Skill(s):

- Swordsmanship
- Has impeccable hearing
- Arial things

Minor Skill(s):

- moves silently
- agile
- excellent climber
- can run fast
- can see in the dark relatively better than the average human


    Takara's parents were Hunters, Yuki and Darius Heavana. they always had a plan incase something were to happen if they were ever attacked. she understood these rules and they started her battle training before she was able to speak. Her parents had given her a book on all they had learned and done on their journeys as Hunters. she studied that book even though she was still a toddler. she started to show promising skills even though her blindness impaired her. one night her home was attacked, her parents grabbed her and gave her the emergency kit and told her what to do. they ran down and started to fight. She ran into the hiding place and held onto the satchel with all her might, the door hadn't closed all the way. she could hear her parents and the monsters inside their home. when she moved to close the door fully she saw her parents die. She may have been partially blind but she still saw what she saw. Takara just backed away in shock and closed the door. she cried not even fully able to understand what just happened but she knew she was alone. she wait for a day and a half to come out. nobody was left in the house but her. she went out on her own, and she lived the next portion of her life homeless. Takara practiced in the woods or behind buildings on trees and what ever else worked. she became  very skilled fighter but she still felt inadequate. She enrolled in Signal when she was old enough and was accepted. Now as she has finished her time at Signal, she is applying for Beacon Academy in hopes to become a greater fighter and obtain the ability to stop the same tragedy she experience to other families. 

Overview:     Takara was only 5 when her parents were attacked and killed by monsters. they told her to hide and she did but she still saw them being murdered. she was forever scared emotionally, mentally. She now searches for a way to avenge her parents deaths. but she feels she needs to complete her training at the school for Hunters and Huntresses, Beacon Academy.


- favorite food is Sushi
- loves books -can see letters still-
- has nightmares a lot
- tends to toss and turn in her sleep
- is a vegetarian
- Wants to become a huntress to avenge her parents
- Favorite song(s) is "Let it go" by Idina Menzel
- can sing really well
- is afraid of the water
- is afraid of small spaces
- gets nervous break downs
- get anxiety attacks
- is scared to get close to somebody
- wants to be loved and to be taken care of
- her aura is light blue
- wears her veil 24/7 (except when sleeping)
- loves bunnies and kittens and hedgehogs
- could never kill an animal
- is an efficient killer and will try to do a one shot kill as to not cause the creature pain.
- the turquoise and white are her natural hair colours
- normally does her battle training with her eyes closed
- does ear training: various sounds are played in different areas and she has to do a bunch of stuff
- always paints her finger nails black
- is really sensitive and can be angered easily but hurt as well
- can get confused easily but gets it after you explain it after the 3rd time


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leaf1324 Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2014
Was searching through my twitter (never use it) and stumbled upon this, and i was like wow art then i was like what it's RWBY and yeah. now ive been going on a long adventure of RWBY OC's and FanFics
Srbyssketching Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2014  Student General Artist
How would somebody find this on Twitter because I never posted it on there o.o
leaf1324 Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2014
but your username is....... and i didnt know who you were (i still dont but i think i do)
Srbyssketching Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2014  Student General Artist
Im Sara from school. It doesnt make sense how you found my picture of my oc on twitter 
ChungShi Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Nice!~ I love the design.
Srbyssketching Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2014  Student General Artist
thank you :D
ChungShi Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You going to use her in the chatroom for RP? I'd love to RP with her.~
Srbyssketching Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2014  Student General Artist
Ya lol that's why I made her :p I'm just going to add a bit more to her description and I'll put her to use 
ChungShi Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yay, can't wait!~
Srbyssketching Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2014  Student General Artist
lol i can get on at some point today. would you mind showing me the ropes of how you guys rp and like stuff like that even though i know how to already just everybody has their own way so. 
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