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December 1, 2013
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(updated) Fleur App ~ Meladis by Srbyssketching (updated) Fleur App ~ Meladis by Srbyssketching

Name: Fleur de Lea Britton Castelle

Gender: Female
Age: 17 
Weight: 135 lbs
Height: 5'9
Orientation: Straight
Hair colour: Red with 2 black bands around her face
Eye colour: Bright green

Music style: a large variety, Mainly slower ballad like songs but she is able to sing Pop and Alternative Metal......

Song sample:… (updated and will probably be updated again later) 

Occupation: joblessness!! 

School: Mellomane whoot whoot! lol

Hobbies: ART, Reading, horse back ridding, book writing, swimming, playing her violin outside, singing, dancing, hanging from trees, forests

Likes: summer, snow, Cloe, winter, flowers, colourful stuff, cats, nature, water, animals, anything art related, music, hedgehogs, fluffy things, hybrids, nice people, books, Jasper :p 

Dislikes: mushrooms, onions, felafels, when people play/sing off key, people biting utensils & silverware, being called sexy or hot, muscular men (reminds her of her dad), gym, math 

Personality: Bubbly, sweet, shy, kind, quiet, caring, friendly, easy to get along with, smart, wary, dainty, nervous, low self esteem, sensitive, uncoordinated, weird

her mom had gone to mellomane and said it was an amazing experience and that fleur has the talent for it and was insisting she be enrolled for this extraordinary school. Fleur agreed to it and was very excited because she would find the school where she could belong. Fleur has had a rough childhood with an abusive, alcoholic father in jail and being bullied from a young age and constantly at every single school she went to. Which comes to a total of 7 elementary/middle schools. Fleur finally has the chance to be with people like her (music nerds) and never be teased again. She prepares for her new life awaiting her and move forward. Will it be anything like she expected? Will she still be different?

Who knows. 

Fleur is a shy cautious girl. After being abused by her father at a young age she is a bit nervous around people mainly men/guys and shys away from them when they are near (there fore explains why she is single) she has only one friend who she trusts her life with but sadly she had died in a tragic car crash a year ago. This left Fleur scared and alone. All she needs is a friend. She barley ever talks to anybody other than her mother and grandfather. If Blair was still here with Fleur...we would be seeing a different person a happy, bubbly teenage girl. But now she keeps that part of herself in a deep cave within her which nobody can reach.

- can read 1000 page books in 2 days (book worm)
- really weird once you get to know her :p 
- likes hanging and sitting from/on trees... (see what i mean)
- is afraid of spiders 
- is an only child 
- favourite colour (s) are: Turquoise, lime green and red
- is a vegetarian 
- goes nowhere without a sketch book and pencil (plus her Beats and ipod/iphone)
- is stubborn at times
- has a pet hedgehog named bubbles and a kitten named peanut
- always wears her family air loom (her gold heart necklace)
- can play top violin
- owns a Stradivarius violin pasted down through generations on her mothers side
- Is very picky about what she wears
- constantly trips on air or anything for that matter
- has nerdy glasses but wears contacts alot 
- is a ballet dancer
- is really sensitive and has no confidence at all
- used to cut but stopped when she met Cloe and Jasper 
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gangstakitteh Dec 5, 2013  Student General Artist
:D it's so amazing
love the way you did the eyes

do a colour version!!!!
Srbyssketching Dec 5, 2013  Student General Artist
if i do a full colour version itll look crappy i tried D:
but thank you
p-o-c-k-e-t Dec 2, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
woahh fleur you look so pretty <3
Srbyssketching Dec 5, 2013  Student General Artist
lol thx <333
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